1798, Worsham, Virginia


The Prince Edward County Debtors’ Prison is part of the Prince Edward County Court House Complex in Worsham, Virginia. This is one of three buildings sold as a single kit. Click here for the Court House itself, sold separately.

These buildings formed the administrative core of the court village of Prince Edward County, from its establishment in 1754 until the county seat was moved to Farmville in 1872.

The Debtors’ Prison is one of the oldest surviving original prison buildings in the state, owned by Preservation Virginia. The kit includes two versions: with clapboard siding over the hewn timber walls as probably originally built and with log walls showing, as currently displayed. Approximately 3 inches wide, 2 inches deep, and 3 inches high.

The full kit with all three buildings includes seven sheets plus illustrated instructions, $12.95 plus shipping. Available directly from the Farmville-Prince Edward Historical Society at www.fpehs.org.