1769, Gloucester County, Virginia

Menokin was built in 1769 on the occasion of the marriage of Francis Lightfoot Lee and Rebecca Tayloe. Rebecca was the daughter of John Tayloe II, who had built neighboring Mount Airy. He gave the couple the large plantation on Cat Point Creek, and financed construction of the two-story stone Menokin and its dependencies. In 1964, the original pen-and-ink presentation drawings for Menokin were discovered among some Tayloe family papers, revealing a naïve vernacular interpretation of a classic Palladian villa. This kit takes those drawings and converts them into a three-dimensional version.

Kit includes house model and base plus two flanker buildings. Set measures approximately 18 inches wide by 6 inches high by 10 inches deep. Eight sheets plus illustrated instructions, $15 plus shipping.

Skill rating: Moderate, for ages 8 and up. Adult supervision may be required.